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Patient Testimonials

Dear dr. jeff,


When a birthday roles around, I like to let my friends and family know how much I appreciate them being in my life. I literally stumbled upon you and am so glad I found you by chance. You have changed the quality of my life through what you do and who you are. When I leave your office I feel at peace emotionally and physically. Thanks for helping me continue to “not feel my age!”

Barbara R


Words cannot express how much I appreciate your time, dedication, and belief in my son that you have gifted us with. I also feel privileged to have had this experience these past eight weeks. Thank you for all you have said and done for all of us.

Lisa L.


I am so grateful for your kindness, your encouragement, your strength, your commitment to our health, fitness and happiness. I have learned so much from you. You are an extraordinary man and I will never, ever forget you.


Patricia M


My daughter began to see Dr. Poplarski a few months ago to address severe back pain. Under his care, my daughter is pain free and is able to participate in school related physical education activities and classes once again. Aside from his chiropractic skills, which are excellent, Dr. Poplarski has influenced my daughter to make lifestyle changes that have dramatically affected her physical health and well-being. He is genuinely concerned about her welfare and has given her background materials on diet, nutrition and exercise programs which have helped her immensely. He is very knowledgeable and his care and concern are obvious. He is also able to communicate well with both my daughter (18-year old) and me so that we understand clearly and fully the causes of my daughter’s back problems and the steps we need to resolve them. I firmly believe that Dr. Jeff would be a valuable asset to any patient he serves.


Janet H



I do not usually send out testimonials for people but Dr. Jeff Poplarski is truly an excellent chiropractor, sports medicine practitioner, and all around really nice person. I had an awful back problem only two years ago. He has worked with me using a combination of techniques such as ultra-sound, laser, deep massage, exercise and chiropractic adjustments.   I am moving freely now and I owe much of this to him. He has always been available to me when I needed him and he has even called me to find out how I was feeling after a treatment.   He really cares. He also works a lot with athlete’s and handicapped children. He accepts all types of health insurance plans and will even help those without plans. He is truly a kind, caring and very competent Doctor of Chiropractic. If you have muscle, back, neck, leg, arm, aches and pains that have resisted other doctors ministrations, give yourself a break and try Dr. Jeff.

Judy S


I came to Dr. Jeff with severe pain in my low back, left arm and shoulder. I immediately got into treatment with Dr. Jeff and Suzette and after repeated visits and therapy, my back, shoulder and arm issues went away. I am an entertainer and make my living as a singer/actress, so I am constantly moving, singing, and performing. I need my body to be in tip top shape at all times and thanks to Dr. Jeff and Suzette, I rest easy knowing I am in good hands. I call them my wellness team and they are always there for me when I have even the slightest pain! They are the best!  #painfree

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