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AntiAging Pill

     As many gerontologists and researchers have found, exercise is the closest thing to an anti-aging pill that exists. People, who are physically fit, eat a healthy, balanced diet and take nutritional supplements can measure out to be 10 to 20 years younger biologically than their chronological age--this is what makes an immortal. An immortal doesn't necessarily live forever but can be free from mental and physical disease and degeneration for years longer than an unhealthy individual. Exercise is an extremely important part of achieving this " immortality."

     Remember, it doesn't matter if you were once physically active in your younger years; if you’re not currently engaged in a physical activity program on a regular basis, your body is not receiving the innumerable health-related benefits of exercise.

Here are just some of the reasons to exercise.

* Improves immune system functioning

* Helps you lose weight, especially fat weight

* Improves survival rate from myocardial infarction

* Improves risk against heart disease

* Improves the body's ability to use fat for energy during physical activity

* Helps the body resist upper-respiratory tract infections

* Helps relieve the pain of tension headaches

* Increases maximal oxygen uptake

* Increases muscle strength

* Helps preserve lean body tissue

* Reduces risk of developing high blood pressure

* Increases density and breaking strength of ligaments and tendons

* Improves coronary heart circulation

* Increases levels of HDL cholesterol and reduces LDL cholesterol

* Helps improve short-term memory

* Sharpens dynamic vision and controls glaucoma

* Reduces the risk of developing Type II diabetes

* Reduces anxiety

* Assists in quitting smoking

* Slows the rate of joint degeneration

* Enhances sexual desire, performance and satisfaction

* Helps in the management of stress

* Improves quality of sleep

* Reduces risk of developing colon cancer

* Reduces risk of developing prostate cancer

* Reduces risk of developing breast cancer

* Reduces risk of developing stroke

* Reduces susceptibility to coronary thrombosis

* Helps alleviate depression

* Helps alleviate low back pain

* Improves mental alertness and reaction time.

* Improves physical appearance

* Improves self-esteem

* Decreases resting heart rate

* Helps in relaxation

* Helps relieve and prevent the stresses that cause carpal tunnel syndrome

* Helps relieve constipation

* Protects against slow weight gain that occurs with age

* Improves blood circulation, resulting in better functioning organs, including the brain

* Increase productivity at work

* Improves balance and coordination

* Helps to prevent bone loss as you age, thereby reducing your risk of osteoporosis

* Improves general mood state

* Helps in maintaining an independent life style

* Allows more energy and vigor to meet the demands of daily life

* Increases overall health awareness

* Improves overall quality of life

Before starting any exercise program you should consult with a doctor.


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