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Long Term Athletic Development

Dr. Jeff Poplarski will be offering a “Long Term Athletic Development” (LTAD) program for children, ages 4-8 years old. The program is progressive and will incorporate the use of basic fundamental movement patterns of athletics. The theory is to develop the child to be athletic first, and then gradually transition into competitive sports and athletics. One of the intended goals of the program, is to develop in young athletes, a strong inclination towards long term sports participation. The program will be presented in a way that will be fun and engaging, give the children the sense of being part of a team, enhance fitness, and through the use of incremental goals, a feeling of accomplishment. The first part of the LTAD will include working on physical literacy, which encompasses Fundamental Movement Systems (FMS) and Fundamental Sport Skills (FSS).


The 90-minute class will have several fundamental movement stations and each child will go through warm-up, agility, kicking, push/pull, striking, locomotion, catching, balance, jumping, visualization, rotation, core strength and throwing stations.




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