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Foods to Enjoy

Foods to Enjoy


Almonds                                              Chilean Sea Bass

Apples                                                 Clams

Asparagus                                           Cod

Avocado                                              Coriander

Beams (black, kidney, lima)                Cottage Cheese – low fat

Bell peppers                                        Crab meat

(green, orange, purple, red, yellow)    Cucumbers

Blackberries                                         Dill

Blueberries                                           Egg Whites

Broccoli                                                Eggplant

Broccoli rabe                                        Endive

Brussel Sprouts                                    Escarole

Cabbage                                               Low-fat milk

Cantaloupe                                           Fennel

Capon                                                   Feta Cheese

Cauliflower                                           Filet of Sole

Celery                                                   Flounder

Chicken (White meat)                          Garlic

Ginger (Fresh)                                      Pecans

Grapefruit                                             Plums

Halibut                                                  Radishes

Hazelnuts                                             Raspberries

Honeydew melon                                 Salmon

Kale                                                      Sardines

Kiwi                                                      Scallions

Leafy Greens                                       Scallops

Legumes                                              Shrimp

Lemons                                                Smoked Salmon

Lentil Soup                                           Snow peas

Lettuce                                                 Sour cream

Lobster                                                 Soybeans

Monkfish                                               Spinach

Mushroom                                            Swiss Chard

Mussels                                                Swordfish

Nectarines                                            Tea

Nuts                                                      Tofu

Oatmeal (not instant)                            Tomatoes

Olive Oil                                                Tomato Juice

Olives                                                   Trout

Onions (red and white)                         Turkey

Parmesan cheese                                 Walnuts

Parsley                                                  Yogurt

Peaches                                                Zucchini




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