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Professional Athlete's Testimonials

Dear dr. jeff,   

I wanted to thank you for your help this past year. I am lucky to know somebody so knowledgable about medicine and nutrition who I can also call my friend. A lot of people would have challenged me about my diet but you have been great in giving me so much information about how I can eat to make sure I get all of my nutritional need. Not only that but you have helped me out with adjustments, massages, workouts, giving me a lot of tools I can take with me on the road. Of course I didn't forget your caddying at Glen Oaks and the fun time we had that week as well as your great hospitality!

I really appreciate all that you have done for me & continue to do. I also have a funny feeling I'll be spending some time with you in June!



 Dear Dr. Jeff,

I am actually going back to Ireland tonight,  and wanted to thank you for your help this past season.  You got me 25 yards off the tee and gave me invaluable training tips from the sessions I had worked with you.  I have incorporated your teachings daily.  Your motivation has guided me to where I am now.  I have taken huge leaps towards my goal and I wanted to thank you for that, and the US Open week experience. 



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