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Understanding Chiropractic

Chiropractic health care is a branch of the healing arts which is based on the scientific principle that our nervous system controls or influences the function of all 11 trillion interconnected cells in our body. The Chiropractic or wellness model of health is centered on the philosophy that the human body will heal itself given the right opportunity. In other words the body heals from the inside out. Interference to the nervous system, caused by a vertebral subluxation (more commonly called a subluxation) will affect how the nervous system relates to the cells to which it influences. Think of nerve irritation like a dimmer switch on your lights. If the dimmer is turned down, the lights are still on, but the light is low. If it is turned up to high, the bulb might burn out too prematurely. Therefore the muscle or organ still receives the nerve impulse, however it is altered. This helps to explain why, when nerve irritation exists in the middle back region, an individual may experience indigestion or an upset stomach. Doctors of Chiropractic essentially promote the healing process by minimizing interference to the nervous system. By detecting and correcting nerve interference, doctors of chiropractic facilitate the healing process, but it is your body that does the healing.


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